For business or pleasure, travel is both an experience and an investment.
As your trusted private-aviation advisor, we’ll help you develop a strategy that maximizes your aviation investment.


With Private Jet Solutions, you’re never tied to a single aviation solution. Based on your flight history, we’ll consider charter, membership, ownership or a combination thereof. 


By leveraging our internal resources and tapping our network of preferred providers, we can offer the best possible options, even as business conditions and travel needs change.


  • Lets you choose when to use private aviation.
  • Helps us tailor a private-aviation strategy specific to your requirements.
  • Gives you top value for your aviation dollars.
  • Offers access to an entire fleet of aircraft with a single phone call.
  • Allows the ability to scale the aircraft to the individual mission.

Private Jet Solutions arranges flights on behalf of charter clients with FAR Part 135 air carriers that exercise full operational control of charter flights at all times. Flights are operated by FAR Part 135 direct air carriers that have been certified to provide service for Private Jet Solutions clients and that meet all FAA safety standards and additional safety standards established by Private Jet Solutions. 


  • Is similar to having your own corporate flight department.
  • Disseminates aircraft costs over the entire membership.
  • Lets you lock in a predetermined number of flight hours on an annual basis.
  • Allows you to fly the same aircraft type and become familiar with your crew members.


  • Provides the highest levels of comfort, privacy and security.
  • Gives you tighter control over aircraft maintenance and safety.
  • Allows you to fly the same aircraft on every mission.
  • Lets you personally select your crew members.
  • Offers potential tax advantages.


For corporations with their own fleet, Private Jet Solutions can augment your operation when:

  • Your demand exceeds fleet capability due to passenger load or usage.
  • Your aircraft are down for scheduled (or unscheduled) maintenance.
  • Your utilization requirements exceed current fleet capabilities but aren’t enough to justify adding aircraft to the fleet.

For corporations without their own fleet, Private Jet Solutions can provide a turnkey solution that allows you to:

  • Access an entire fleet of aircraft with a single phone call.
  • Realize the benefit of your own corporate flight department without aircraft ownership.
  • Scale your aviation use to match the ever-changing business climate.


Aircraft acquisition is a complex process. With our industry knowledge and trusted relationships, we’ll provide the technical expertise to help you navigate the legal, regulatory and tax issues inherent in the purchase of an aircraft. Private Jet Solutions provides objective advice and keeps your best interests in mind.


Finding the right management company is imperative in providing safe operations while maximizing your aircraft investment. Private Jet Solutions offers comprehensive aircraft management solutions tailored to fit your individual needs. We handle all the details, including aircraft selection, acquisition, crewing, insurance, training, scheduling, financial reporting, operational and maintenance oversight, and more. It is our top priority to provide the safest, most efficient operations while protecting the value of your asset.


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